We are pleased to announce that the APIS (Auroral Planetary Imaging and Spectroscopy) service is now open to the community, and accessible at the address: http://lesia.obspm.fr/apis/

APIS was officially opened at the Magnetospheres of Outer Planets meeting in Athens, 8–12 July 2013. Details are provided on the webpage above. In brief, the service consists of a database of all HST Far-UV spectro-imaging observations of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus) acquired by the STIS and ACS instruments from 1997 up to now (which totals ~5000 individual images and spectra). For each of these APIS provides a set of higher level data (e.g. cylindrical/polar projections). The data are available in different formats (jpg, pdf, FITS) and can be browsed and sifted through with a dedicated search interface. Interactive tools (Aladin, Specview) also enable the user to directly work on the images and spectra online.


ESA/STScI Baltimore
E-mail: hubblenewseurope@stsci.edu

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Screenshot of the APIS website
Screenshot of the APIS website

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