Hubble Shot of I Zw 18

The galaxy resides 30 million light-years away in the constellation Ursa Major. The observation was made in November 1994 and March 1995. The bright dots scattered throughout the image represent clusters of stars.


D. Hunter (Lowell Observ.) and A. Aloisi (JHU)

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Release date:8 January 2002, 20:00
Size:518 x 389 px

About the Object

Name:I Zw 18
Type:• Local Universe : Galaxy : Type : Irregular
• Local Universe : Galaxy : Size : Dwarf
• X - Galaxies Images/Videos
Distance:300 million light years
Constellation:Ursa Major

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Position (RA):9 34 2.08
Position (Dec):55° 14' 26.32"
Field of view:0.39 x 0.30 arcminutes
Orientation:North is 32.1° right of vertical
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