Globular cluster M4, NOAO

This sparkling picture taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows globular cluster M4. M4 is relatively close to us, lying 7200 light-years distant, making it a prime object for study. It contains several tens of thousand stars and is noteworthy in being home to many white dwarfs — the cores of ancient, dying stars whose outer layers have drifted away into space.




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Release date:10 July 2003, 20:00
Size:633 x 633 px

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Name:M 4, Messier 4, NGC 6121
Type:Milky Way : Star : Grouping : Cluster : Globular
Distance:5500 light years
Category:Star Clusters

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Notes: This image was captured with the Kitt Peak National Observatory's 0.9-meter telescope during March 1995.

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