Audience viewing award-winning Hubble IMAX film (photo illustration)

The IMAX short film "Hubble: Galaxies Across Space and Time" transforms images and data from NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope into a voyage that sweeps viewers across the universe and back into cosmic history.

This sample frame from the film shows a vibrant and diverse collection of galaxies within the 650-megapixel-mosaic image created by the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey. Only a large format film can simultaneously show both the grand scale of thousands of galaxies and the fine details of individual galaxy structure. These galaxies are strewn across billions of light-years, showing representative galaxies at many different distances from Earth. The light from galaxies farther away has taken longer to reach us, and we see them as they were further back in time. Hence, the image also shows representative galaxies at many different times in the universe's history.


NASA, ESA, and F. Summers (STScI)

About the Image

NASA press release
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Release date:24 June 2004, 15:00
Size:5616 x 4096 px

About the Object

Name:IMAX film
Type:Early Universe : Cosmology : Morphology : Deep Field

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