Ground-based MACHO-LMC-5 1994

Ths ground based observation image shows MACHO-LMC-5, a red dwarf star in our Milky Way galaxy. The star was observed because of a backgroundstar, STAR-0516-7029, in its close neighborhood. This giant blue star is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a companion dwarf galaxy of the Milky Way.

From 1993-1994 the red dwarf moved in front of the bright backgroundstar and created this way a microlensing effect; the light of the blue background star was brightened. Because of this effect Hubble was able to determine the mass of a single star (MACHO-LMC-5), which was never possible before.


NASA, ESA and D. Bennett (University of Notre Dame)

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Release date:14 April 2004, 19:00
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Name:MACHO-LMC-5 1994
Type:Milky Way : Star
Milky Way : Cosmology : Phenomenon : Lensing
Local Universe : Star

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