Chandra X-ray Observatory Data of Kepler's Supernova Remnant

This image shows the remains of Kepler's Supernova, the most recent exploding star to be seen in the Milky Way Galaxy. It was first observed 400 years ago when it was thought to be 'a new star'. In fact, it was the the gas and dust from an exploding star, rapidly expanding. These remnants have now reached a diameter of 14 light years wide and are still expanding at 4 million miles per hour.

This image was taken by the Chandra X-ray Observatory and shows the cooler X-ray gas which resides in a thick interior shell and marks the location of heated material expelled from the exploded star.


NASA, ESA, R. Sankrit and W. Blair (Johns Hopkins University)

About the Image

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Release date:6 October 2004, 18:00
Size:750 x 750 px

About the Object

Name:Kepler's SN
Type:Milky Way : Nebula : Type : Supernova Remnant
Distance:13000 light years

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Position (RA):17 30 41.50
Position (Dec):-21° 29' 33.17"
Field of view:4.96 x 4.96 arcminutes
Orientation:North is 0.1° left of vertical

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