Hubble Images Polaris's Companion

This sequence of images shows that the North Star, Polaris is really a triple star system.

For the first time, the close companion of Polaris has been seen directly.

The left frame shows Polaris's location very close to the position of Earth's north celestial pole in Ursa Minor (the Small Bear).


NASA, ESA, N. Evans (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), and H. Bond (STScI)

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Release date:9 January 2006, 15:20
Size:3000 x 2400 px

About the Object

Name:Alpha Ursae Minoris, North Star, Polaris, Polaris A, Polaris B, Small Bear, Ursa Minor
Type:• Milky Way : Star : Evolutionary Stage : Main Sequence
• Milky Way : Star : Grouping : Triple
Distance:400 light years

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220 nm Hubble Space Telescope

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