Gravitationally lensed high-redshift galaxy candidates

This is a colour composite image of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Green circles mark the locations of candidate galaxies at a redshift of z~8, while higher-redshift candidates are circled in red. The estimated distances to these candidates have not been confirmed spectroscopically.

About 20 to 30 percent of these high-z galaxy candidates are very close to foreground galaxies, which is consistent with the prediction that a significant fraction of galaxies at very high redshifts are gravitationally lensed by individual foreground galaxies. This will help as a guide for future observations planned for the James Webb Space Telescope when it is launched.


NASA, ESA, S. Wyithe (University of Melbourne, Australia), H. Yan (Ohio State University, USA), R. Windhorst (Arizona State University, USA), and S. Mao (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics and National Astronomical Observatories of China)

Acknowledgment: G. Illingworth and R. Bouwens (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA) and the HUDF09 Team

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Release date:12 January 2011, 19:00
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Name:Hubble Ultra Deep Field, HUDF
Type:Early Universe : Galaxy
Early Universe : Cosmology : Morphology : Deep Field

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