The Cartwheel Galaxy

Hubble's detailed view shows the knot-like structure of the ring, produced by large clusters of new star formation. Hubble also resolves the effects of thousands of supernovae on the ring structure. One flurry of explosions blew a hole in the ring and formed a giant bubble of hot gas. Secondary star formation on the edge of this bubble appears as an arc extending beyond the ring.


Kirk Borne (ST ScI), and NASA/ESA

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Release date:10 January 1995, 23:00
Size:165 x 153 px

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Name:Cartwheel Galaxy, IRAS 00352-3359
Type:• Local Universe : Galaxy : Type : Lenticular
Distance:400 million light years

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Position (RA):0 37 40.31
Position (Dec):-33° 43' 29.62"
Field of view:0.27 x 0.25 arcminutes
Orientation:North is 52.7° left of vertical

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