Jets from Young Stars

Astronomers glimpse a detailed look at the fitful, eruptive, and dynamic processes accompanying the final stages of a star's "construction." NASA's Hubble Space Telescope images provide a dramatically clear look at collapsing circumstellar disks of dust and gas that build stars and provide the ingredients for a planetary system. The pictures also show blowtorch-like jets of hot gas funneled from deep within several embryonic systems and machine gun-like bursts of material fired from the stars at speeds of a half-million mph. The Hubble observations shed new light on one of modern astronomy's central questions: How do tenuous clouds of interstellar gas and dust make stars like our Sun.


Credit: J. Hester (Arizona State University), the WFPC 2 Investigation Definition Team, and NASA

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Release date:6 June 1995, 20:00
Size:1598 x 1598 px

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Type:Milky Way : Star : Evolutionary Stage : Young Stellar Object
Milky Way : Nebula : Type : Jet

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Position (RA):5 35 30.19
Position (Dec):-6° 27' 45.56"
Field of view:2.64 x 2.63 arcminutes
Orientation:North is 41.9° right of vertical

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