Galaxy NGC 4314 (Ground-Based View)

This image, taken in February 1996 by the 30-inch telescope Prime Focus Camera at the McDonald Observatory in Texas, shows the entire galaxy, including the bar of stars bisecting the core and the outer spiral arms, which begin near the ends of this bar. The box around the galaxy's core pinpoints the focus of the Hubble image.


McDonald Observatory

About the Image

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Release date:11 June 1998, 06:00
Size:353 x 353 px

About the Object

Name:IRAS 12200+3010, NGC 4314
Type:Local Universe : Galaxy : Type : Spiral
Constellation:Coma Berenices

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Position (RA):12 22 31.91
Position (Dec):29° 53' 43.25"
Field of view:7.98 x 7.98 arcminutes
Orientation:North is 0.7° left of vertical

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