Sketch of Tim Otto Roth's Heaven's Carousel art installation

This artistic representation shows the setup of the Heaven's Carousel, an art installation that will be inaugurated at the Science with the Hubble Space Telescope IV conference in Rome, Italy, in March 2014. The installation will be located in the palm garden of the renowned Accademia dei Lincei, the venue for the conference.

Speakers attached to long strings will hang from a carousel suspended from a crane some 10 metres high. As the carousel rotates and accelerates the loudspeakers will be forced outwards and upwards by the rotation until they are spinning at the ends of the taut strings above the heads of the visitors, similar to a fairground swing carousel ride.

As the loudspeakers move towards or away from the listener, the sound waves are compressed or expanded and the pitch of the sound becomes higher or lower (depending on the relative velocity of each speaker).


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