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IC 1623 ESO 239-IG002 NGC 6621, NGC 6622 2MASXJ09133888-1019196 Arp 220 CGCG436-030 ESO 148-2
ESO 507-70 IC 2545 ZW II 96 MCG+08-11-002 MCG+12-02-001 NGC 5256 NGC 5331
NGC 7674 UGC 4881 UGC 5101 VV 283 NGC 5754 AM1316-241 AM 0500-620
VV 705 IRAS 18090+0130 UGC 12812 ESO 69-6 IC 4687 IRAS 20351+2521 ESO 255-7
NGC 7469 IC 2810 IRAS 21101+5810 AM 0702-601 IRAS F10565+2448 NGC 695 ESO 286-19
ESO 550-IG02 Planetary Nebula NGC 2371 Hubble sees double Einstein ring Hubble maps dark matter web in a large galaxy cluster Hubble maps dark matter web in a large galaxy cluster (individual image 1) Mars on Dec. 7, 2007; longitude ~140 degrees "Death star" galaxy black hole fires at neighboring galaxy
Hubble Finds Mature Galaxy Masquerading as Toddler Youthful-looking galaxy may be an adult Going, Going, Gone: Hubble Captures Uranus' Rings on Edge Dark matter ring in galaxy cluster Cl 0024+17 (ZwCl 0024+1652) Multiple generations of stars in a globular cluster Extended Groth Strip - Detail of Hubble Image A Sky Flush with Galaxies
The "Comet Galaxy" as seen with Hubble A String of 'Cosmic Pearls' Surrounds an Exploding Star Three-dimensional distribution of dark matter in the Universe (artist's impression) Hubble extrasolar planet search field in Sagittarius Artist's impression of a transiting extrasolar planet Artist's impression of an ultra-short-period planet Hubble extrasolar planet search field in Sagittarius [full ACS view]
Hubble extrasolar planet search field in Sagittarius [excerpt] Jupiter's New Red Spot - HST ACS/HRC: April 8, 2006 Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 - Fragment G [18 April 2006] Magellanic gemstones in the southern sky Orion in miniature Pillars of gas NASA Space Observatories Glimpse Faint Afterglow of Nearby Stellar Explosion
Hubble Spies a Zoo of Galaxies Hubble Images Comet Tempel 1 Just Before Deep Impact Probe Arrives Comet Tempel 1 close-up [artist's impression] Impact! [artist's impression] Comet Tempel 1 seen from the Distance [artist's impression] Hubble captures outburst from comet targeted by Deep Impact V838 outburst
Hubble Images Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Hubble Spots Rare Triple Eclipse on Jupiter Hubble's Latest Saturn Picture Precedes Cassini's Arrival Hubble sees stars as numerous as grains of sand in nearby galaxy Hubble's near-infrared camera digs for galactic gold V838 Monocerotis revisited: Space phenomenon imitates art V838 Monocerotis revisited: Space phenomenon imitates art [chronological overview]
Hubble and Keck team up to find farthest known galaxy in the Universe Oxygen and carbon discovered in extrasolar planet atmosphere "blow-off" [artist's impression] Neptune as Seen with colour Filters Uranus - Wider View WFPC2 Mosaic of Carina Nebula Region The Sombrero Galaxy in Infrared Light Galaxy NGC 3982
The Slant on Saturn's Rings The Slant on Saturn's Rings (Ultraviolet) The Slant on Saturn's Rings (Visible) The Slant on Saturn's Rings (Infrared) Full ACS Image of NGC 3370 Hubble's Closest View of Mars Hubble's Close Encounter with Mars
Hubble's Sharpest View of Mars: ACS Image Supernova Shock Wave Paints Cosmic Portrait Iridescent Glory of Nearby Planetary Nebula Showcased on Astronomy Day Freewheeling Galaxies Collide in a Blaze of Star Birth Hubble watches light echo from mysterious erupting star (composite) European astronomers observe first evaporating planet (artist's impression) Hubble's Full WFPC2 Image of Dumbbell Nebula
'Double Bubble' in Neighboring Galaxy Hubble Makes Precise Measure of Extrasolar World's True Mass (artist's impression) Odd Couple Widely Separated by Time and Space A Wheel within a Wheel Fireworks in the Sky Elliptical galaxy NGC 4365 with numerous young star clusters NICMOS uncovers dust layers to show inner region of dusty nebula (NICMOS image)
Hubble provides two sharp eyes to see birth of stars in galactic wreckage ACS uncovers dust layers to show inner region of dusty nebula UGC 10214 (ACS Full Field Image) Cone Nebula/NGC 2264 (ACS Full Field Image) Omega Nebula/Swan Nebula/M17 (ACS Full Field Image) Hubble Space Telescope sporting new solar arrays during SM3B The globular cluster NGC 6397
Back Spin Galaxy Stellar 'Fireworks Finale' Came First in the Young Universe (artist's impression) Artist's impression of Cygnus X-1 Hubble Reveals Ultraviolet Galactic Ring A Perfect Storm Peering into the Core of a Globular Cluster Baby Boom in Galaxy NGC 3310
Hubble reveals previously unseen shocks A Portrait of R136 Star Clusters Born in the Wreckage of Cosmic Collisions Hint of planet-sized drifters bewilders Hubble scientists (WFPC2 view) A Change of Seasons on Saturn Saturn on October 1996 Saturn on October 1997
Saturn on October 1998 Saturn on November 1999 Saturn on November 2000 Panel of multi-wavelength and composite images of NGC 1512 Wide view of NGC 1512 Hubble spies huge clusters of stars formed by ancient encounter Bar in spiral galaxy NGC 2903 (WFPC2)
Trapezium Cluster in the Orion Nebula Hubble Watches Star Tear Apart its Neighborhood A Cosmic Searchlight Active Galaxy NGC 4438 Swarm of Glittering Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud Hubble Heritage Project's First Anniversary. A View of HH 32 A Minuet of Galaxies
Southern Crab Nebula Southern Crab Nebula Mars at Opposition (the Acidalia Region) Io Transit of Jupiter Hubble Finds More Evidence of Galactic Cannibalism Great Balls of Fire! Hubble Sees Bright Knots Ejected from Brilliant Star Many Bright Clouds on Uranus
Centaurus A Nucleus Turbulent Cauldron of Starbirth in Nearby Active Galaxy Hubble's Smash Hits Hot White Dwarf Shines in Young Star Cluster Starburst Galaxy NGC 1808 Planetary Nebula IRAS 17150-3224 Planetary Nebula NGC 7027
Serendipitously Discovered Asteroids Hubble Provides Complete View of Jupiter's Auroras Hubble Provides Complete View of Jupiter's Auroras Hubble Provides Complete View of Jupiter's Auroras Hubble's Planetary Nebula Gallery Hubble's Planetary Nebula Gallery. A View of NGC 7009 Hubble Spots Northern Hemispheric Clouds On Uranus
Hubble Tracks Clouds on Uranus Hubble Uncovers Brilliant Star in Milky Way's Core Galaxy NGC 6251 Nucleus Hubble Captures Volcanic Eruption Plume From Io The Orion Nebula OMC-1 Region The Orion Nebula OMC-1 Region Giant 'Twisters' in the Lagoon Nebula
Hubble Reveals Structure Of Supernova 1987a Explosion Debris Hubble View of Jupiter The Atmosphere of Betelgeuse Rare Hubble Portrait of Io and Jupiter The Crab Nebula Galaxy NGC 1365 Edge-On View of Saturn's Rings
Globular Cluster in the Andromeda Galaxy Galaxy Cluster 0024+1654 as a Gravitational Lens Cometary Knots around a Dying Star Stellar Death Process The Hubble Deep Field Full WFPC2 Mosaic - Full Resolution Hubble's Deepest-Ever View of the Universe Unveils Myriad Galaxies Back to the Beginning of Time
The Center of the Orion Nebula Proplyds in the Orion Nebula Trapezium, Orion Nebula Starbirth Jupiter's Galilean Satellites Highest Resolution of Neptune since Voyager-2 flyby NGC 4881
Jet from Young Star Jet from Young Star Mars at Opposition 1995 Mars at Opposition 1995 (sol) Mars at Opposition 1995 (Tharsis Region) Mars at Opposition 1995 (Syrtis Major Region) Jupiter G Impact Evolution
The Cygnus Loop NGC 253 The Cartwheel Galaxy Yet Another Storm on Saturn Surface of Titan Globular Cluster NGC 6397 Starbirth in the Early Universe
Impact A Site Flat Projection of Large Comet Impact on Jupiter True colour Image of Multiple Impact Zones Impact Sites Q1, Q2 and R Pluto and Charon M100 Full Field Star Cluster R136
Hubble view of Abell 2744 — Pandora’s Cluster A deceptively quiet galaxy A Galactic spectacle Jupiter: 23 July 2009 The Mice/NGC 4676 (ACS Full Field Image) Galaxy Cluster Abell 2218 - a Cosmic Magnifying Glass Edge-On View of Saturn's Rings
Jupiter's Great Red Spot in 2014 Commotion in a crowded cluster Hubble pinpoints source of mysterious outburst Hubble sees Jupiter change its stripes Comparison views of “Mystic Mountain” The Surface of Pluto Jupiter's Great Red Spot in 1995
Cosmic lens Abell 383 helps Hubble to find a distant supernova (annotated) Cosmic lens RXJ1532.9+3021 helps Hubble to find a distant supernova (annotated) Water vapour plumes over Europa From the Distant Past Star-Forming Region in Galaxy NGC 2366 Edge-On View of Saturn's Rings Hazy Layers on Uranus
Galileo Probe Entry Site on Jupiter Jupiter's Great Red Spot in 2009 Comet Siding Spring Gravitationally lensed quasar HE 1104-1805 Feeling the strain Labelled wide-field view of the Andromeda Galaxy (ground-based image) Islands of stars in the river
Core of elliptical galaxy NGC 4150 Composite of the galaxy image (left) and the spectrum (right) NGC 1872: open or globular cluster? The crowded heart of the Hercules globular cluster The galaxy cluster Abell 2218 The 'Rotten Egg' nebula - a planetary nebula in the making Planetary Nebula NGC 6210
Planetary Nebula NGC 6210 Opposite Hemispheres of Neptune Opposite Hemispheres of Neptune NGC 7662 NGC 2022
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