Galaxy NGC 1512 Experiment

Composed from six "tiff" images downloaded direct from the ESA Hubble Image photo archive (Galaxies). heic0106c.tiff, heic0106d.tiff, heic0106e.tiff, heic0106f.tiff, heic0106h.tiff, heic0106i.tiff. Images as obtained do not require the use of the fits liberator but will need some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop layers procedures. A VERY easy one to set up and work on with interesting combinations possible. I did this as an experiment to see the quality of the final image that could be achieved and perhaps give some encouragement to early or new users to persevere with the use of the FITS Liberator and the use of data archives. Composed using ESA Hubble Archive images with Photoshop Elements 2 (8 bit) with PC Windows XP.

This fits liberator image is not available for sale.

Mike Herbaut & the ESA/ESO/NASA Photoshop FITS Liberator

About the FITS Image

Name:Mike Herbaut
Country:United Kingdom


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