Mists of Time - The Red Lagoon

NGC 6523 (M8) Produced with the FITS Liberator and data downloaded from the Hubble WFPC2 ESO archive. Data and Filter sets: * U2O80102B F656 (red), * U2O80104B F547 (green), * U2O80105B F487 (blue). Composed using Linear FITS images with Photoshop Elements 2 (8 bit). The data sets I used above are not very good quality on the fits images using the ******b.C0.fits so I used the *******t.C0.fits on some of the composition. Also had to do some final brushwork to remove a lot of speckles in the background. You can also try the other data sets available,U2O80201B F658N, U2O80203B F814W , U2O80205B F673N, and U2O80208B F953N, but there is a lack of a good green filter with this set (unless you can make one) and you can get a lot of red in the final images.

This fits liberator image is not available for sale.

Mike Herbaut & the ESA/ESO/NASA Photoshop FITS Liberator

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Name:Mike Herbaut
Country:United Kingdom


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