International Year of Astronomy 2009 for fulldome planetarium use

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This is the official trailer for the International Year of Astronomy 2009. Visit the website and read more about it:

Note: to download the "Dome Masters" version (for planetarium use only), please download the separate .zip files below: (1,495 MB) (1,987 MB) (1,918 MB) (1,960 MB) (1,527 MB) (179 MB) (23 MB)


International Year of Astronomy 2009, IAU and UNESCO
Visual design: Martin Kornmesser & Luis Calçada
Music and Sound Effects: MoveTwo (Axel Kornmesser & Markus Löffler)
Footage and photos: Gemini Observatory (Kirk Puuohau-Pummill/Peter Michaud), CFHT (Jean-Charles Cuillandre), TWAN (Babak Tafreshi, Laurent Laveder), Martin Kornmesser (ESA/Hubble), NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, ESA/Mars Express, Kevin Govender, NASA/Spitzer Space Telescope, ESO/VLT/ALMA, & Akira Fujii
Project lead: Lars Lindberg Christensen (ESA/Hubble)

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Release date:11 January 2011, 14:26

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