Hubblecast 06: A battle of giants - telescopes in space and on the ground

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Have you ever wondered why some telescopes are launched into space while others are built on remote mountain tops? What is actually the best for astronomy? Here we provide a ringside view of the fight for the elusive photons from deep space - is it a battle of the telescope giants?

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ESA/Hubble (M. Kornmesser, L. L. Christensen & R. Shida), Luis Calçada, ESO, Spitzer Space Telescope, Keck Observatory, Subaru Observatory

Presented by: Dr Joe Liske (Dr J)
Narration: Dr. Robert Fosbury
Design: Martin Kornmesser
Web Technical Support: Lars Holm Nielsen, Raquel Yumi Shida
Cinematographer: Peter Rixner (
Script: Raquel Yumi Shida, Lars Lindberg Christensen, Ana Margarida Lopes
Executive Producers: Raquel Yumi Shida, Lars Lindberg Christensen
Director: Lars Lindberg Christensen

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Release date:3 April 2007, 15:00
Duration:06m 18s

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