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Unveiling of the Hubble 25th anniversary image across Europe

6 July 2015

On 23 April Hubble's 25th year in orbit was celebrated by NASA and ESA with the release of a special anniversary image of the star cluster Westerlund 2. To promote this event to the public and share the stunning image with as many people as possible ESA/Hubble organised the printing and distribution of 70 large-scale prints to be used in celebration of Hubble.

To support the unveiling the institutes received press packs which included detailed information about the Hubble mission, Edwin Hubble himself, and the science output from Hubble so far. The press packs are a valuable tool for sharing information about Hubble not only with the press but with the public and students. They are available for you to use in both Spanish and English. Also now available, and of use for talks and presentations, are two powerpoint presentations (courtesy of NASA/STScI).

More than 100 institutions applied for the 3 metre by 2.25 metre prints and submitted proposals detailing how they would unveil the image to the public and the plans they had to promote the legacy of Hubble’s 25 years. The ideas included planetarium shows, stargazing parties, invited astronauts, special exhibitions, talks, and hands-on activities, and clearly showed the enthusiasm and creativity of the community.

The institutes also presented their plans on how to involve local and national media in the unveiling events and on the promotion of the image on their social media channels using the hashtag #Hubble25.

The selected institutes represented the best submitted ideas for the unveiling and covered all ESA member state countries.

Starting on 23 April at 15:15 CEST, together with the official ESA/NASA press release, the institutes unveiled the image and presented it to the public. Some science centres decided to reveal the image later to attract more people in the evening or on the weekend. The majority of the participating institutes were surprised by the number of visitors that a stunning, but nevertheless simple, image attracted.

The unveilings were promoted on the Hubble webpage and a record of photos that were posted on social media during and after the events can be found on our social media channels.



Antonella Nota
ESA HST Project Scientist, STScI

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A map of the countries hosting Hubble 25th anniversary unveiling events
A map of the countries hosting Hubble 25th anniversary unveiling events

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