Size: 80x60 cm

Material: Acryl mixed technique on linen

S.O. (ul) S.(sailor) in universe

It was a cold winters day.
Anywhere at the sea. The first time really alone.

„Take this canvas my lovely
and fill it up with colours. Let it become.
Take your whole variety and put it in this
painting. You will never know what tomorrow
will bring and you‘ll have to end this picture
with your spirit.“

The colours dropped onto the canvas
and my hands touched them.

Forgotten mind in the magnificence of colours.
My soul was churned up and my eyes have seen
what I created. Coincident?!

A feast for the eyes of all viewers,
but only the soul knows, where it’s coming from
and where it’s going to.

An endless sadness, surrounded me while
I painted this picture and a tear run over my face.

But this painting will let me look hopeful into
the future. I am on the journey to myself,
and this painting will accompany me the whole time.

Colours may give us life
and we‘ll may give them back to life.

This space art is not available for sale.


About the Piece

Release date:2 October 2015, 14:27


Name:Birgit Sennewald
Location:Berlin, Germany


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