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Latest news from eHST: Solar System object search & more

18 May 2017


Since the first release of the European Hubble Archive eHST in October 2015, several new features and improvements have been added, further increasing its use for the scientific community. The current version, as of April 2017, is version 1.2.6. This version adds three new main features.

The developers of eHST are constantly searching for new ways to improve the usability of the archive to make it more appealing to the scientific community. The revamped design of the new webpage of the archive is a direct consequence of this effort. With this new home page, users can access the whole set of Hubble observations by simply introducing a target name. The new webpage also provides one-click access to search for all Hubble data of either fixed targets or of Solar System objects. It also provides the option to search specifically for Hubble data without known publications.

As well as the new design of the webpage, the spectra visualiser on eHST has been upgraded to show spectra from the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) data collection. All features from the spectra visualiser for Hubble observations are also available for HLA observations. These features are:

  • save
  • send to VOSpec
  • linear and logarithmic interpolation
  • line, spline and scatter chart types
  • zooming capabilities in X, Y and X and Y.

It is now also easier to search for solar system objects within the archive via the new web page. Users can simply introduce a target name of a solar system object in the search box, select “Solar System Objects” and retrieve all related observations from all the data collections within the archive (HST, HLA and High Level Science Products (HLSP)).

We are interested to hear your feedback! If you are a user of the European HST Archive, we want to hear from you about your experience and what you would like this archive to provide to further expand your ability to perform science with Hubble data.




Bruno Merin
Astronomy Archives Science Lead at the ESAC Science Data Centre

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