The Soundtrack

The score for the film especially composed by the German composer duo moveTWO – Axel Kornmesser and Markus Löffler. Its celestial and enchanting style provides the perfect setting for this audiovisual voyage through the cosmos. In a special appearance on the soundtrack, the Celtic vocalist Audrey Quinn captivates the listeners with her dreamy voice.

The score soundtrack will be available in late May from SPV on a CD bundled with the DVD via Amazon and in every record stores throughout Europe and the USA. Read more (from early May) at SPV's web site.

The composers have more information on their homepage: moveTWO


Featured Performers
All music written by movetwo: Axel Kornmesser & Markus Löffler

Axel Kornmesser: Vocals

Markus Löffler: Piano and all other synths and sounds

Audrey Quinn: Vocals

Orchestrated by: Markus Löffler

Recorded and Mixed by: Markus Löffler

Recorded at: Studio Double-M, Munich/Unterhaching

Mastered by: Peter Rixner

Accelerated by CDN77